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Cinnamon Hitman Holla Real Video Snapchat Twitter Tape


HITMAN Holla has been surrounded by controversies nowadays after a leaked tape of him along with his girlfriend went viral on Social Media. The video is showing that the famous rapper spending private moments along with his girlfriend named Cinnamon. The video spread like a wildfire all over the internet and become the talk of the town. All of his fans are giving different reactions to the leaked footage. The incident fetched huge attention on the netizens come with different theories. Most recently, the rapper opened up about the things. Get more information regarding HITMAN Holla viral video.

Cinnamon video

As we mentioned above the rapper cleared the misunderstanding and shared how his video started surfacing on the Internet. The 33 years rapper stated that he shared the video with his close friends and one of them screens recorded it and posted it on the Social Networking site. He shared the entire information through his official Instagram account. He further shared that he shared a video on 5th December while celebrating his relationship anniversary. He also cleared that he doesn’t care about whatever happened in the recent time and he is living in a happy place along with Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Hitman Holla Video

Hitman then shared a post on Twitter with a caption that reads “Would never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to didn’t like what sense does that make”, he ended the caption that he is fine with that completely. All the statements uploaded after the video went viral wherein the couple is getting intimate that shared by the rapper himself with his close friends and one of his friends posted it on the Internet. Well, this is not the first time when Cinnamon comes to the attention of the audience due to controversy.

Earlier to this, Cinnamon also got involved in a terrible home break-in and was shot in the face in the month of October. The Social Media Influencer and entrepreneur was home at the time FaceTiming with Wild’N Out star when four robbers barged into her property on 12 October 2021, Hitman was immersed in sorrow when the incident happened and shared on Instagram that he was out of town when this mishap took place and she got shot the bullet went through her cheek and out the back of her head. He also pleads all of his fans to send their warm wishes for her speedy recovery. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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