Cult mom Lori Vallow’s only surviving son Colby Ryan arrested for rape, admitted to it on phone call with victim

Colby Ryan, the only surviving child of ‘Cult mom’ Lori Vallow, who is accused of murdering two of her children in September 2019 was arrested for sex crimes on Sunday, September 4. According to the county sheriff’s office, Ryan, 26, was booked into Maricopa County Jail, Arizona on at least one count of sexual assault.

Sources close to Ryan’s family revealed to Fox10 Phoenix that Ryan’s arrest is linked to a domestic violence-related incident. The incident pertaining to the arrest and charges took place on Wednesday, August 31. However, the victim reported the case after two days.

According to the Daily Mail, the court document suggested Ryan allegedly went into the victim’s home and they watched television together. After which the duo engaged in what investigators called ‘consensual romantic contact.’ However, at one point the alleged victim said they wanted to stop, but Ryan did not comply with the same.


Charles Vallow (L) Colby Ryan (C) Lori Vallow (R) pictured together ( Netflix)
Charles Vallow (L) Colby Ryan (C) Lori Vallow (R) are pictured together ( Netflix)

The court documents further revealed that the alleged victim told Ryan after what happened that she was not OK with it and asked him for space, which led to Ryan apologizing and starting to cry. The victim then spoke to Ryan over the phone the next morning and he “agreed that he raped the victim” over the call. The accused made his first appearance in Maricopa County Superior Court on the same day of arrest. Meanwhile, Ryan is currently being held on a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to make his next appearance in that same court on Friday, September 9.


Ryan was last seen in the trailer for the three-episode series ‘Sins of Our Mother’ as he questioned his mother Lori about why she killed his siblings, Joshua, 7, and Tylee, 17. Lori, 49, is accused of murdering her two kids in September 2019 along with the help of her fifth husband, Chad Daybell, whose “doomsday” ideologies are said to have “changed” the mother. The killing of two children by Lorri Vallow became sensational news worldwide. The two children, JJ and Tylee, were reported missing from their Idaho home in the Fall of 2019. As investigators learned of Lori and her husband Chad Daybell’s involvement in a doomsday-prepper group, a trail of mystery was revealed spanning five states and numerous questionable deaths, before the bodies of JJ and Tylee were found in the backyard of Chad’s home in June 2020.

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