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Danny Carey Airport Fighting Video Arrested for Alleged Assault Security Surfaces Full Footage Link Twitter


American rock band tool drummer, Danny Carey, has been arrested on Sunday, Dec 12, 2021. It is coming forward that the 60-year-old fought with the airport security and now the video of the same incident has been going viral on social media. The incident took place at the Kansas City International Airport and the news was confirmed by the Aviation Department spokesperson. Believing the ongoing reports, the airport police got a disturbance report between two males in the airport terminal around 7 PM. Check the complete details of the matter further in the article.

Danny Carey Airport Fighting Video

As per the reports, Danny Carey was arrested for the alleged misdemeanour assault at the airport. Now, he has been transported to Kansas City Police Department station. However, he is no longer in police custody. Yes, although he was detained after he was said to have been involved in the assault, he was later released on bond.

Besides, the police reports have also been sent to the prosecutors so that they can thoroughly review and the drummer can get charged accordingly. It is being said that Danny will be charged $13,900 as a fine for the incident. Talking about the incident, Danny got into a heated fight with one of the employees working at the security. Yes, it came ahead of that Carey was getting physical with that person and that the drummer not just abused him multiple times but also shoved two fingers in that person’s chest.

Apart from this, one video has been going viral on the internet which features the drummer getting arrested by the cops. He is seen in a Cheif’s jersey and telling the authorities about him being the drummer of Tool. The cops don’t seem to give much attention to the drummer’s words and continue to push him against the glass and then arrest him afterwards. Ever since the matter came to light, Danny Carey’s fans have come in his support as they are claiming that it was just a gentle push.

Now, talking about Danny Carey, besides being a popular drummer of the rock band tool, he also happens to be a renowned musician. Danny has been associated with numerous albums by artists including Carole King, Skinny Puppy, and Melvins and more. Danny was also in the Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest drummers of all time. He was always interested in drums ever since he was a child and had even joined the school band.

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