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David Hartman dead or still alive? Whats happened? Obituary


David Downs Hartman (David Downs Hartman) is tall (6 feet 5 inches), affable, handsome actor and multimedia presenter, born on May 19, 1935 in Rhode Island, the son of German immigrants. His father used to be a Methodist pastor, and he left the ministry to become a salesman. His parents divorced later, which had a deep impact on him.

David Hartman

When David grew up, he learned to play a variety of instruments and learn to sing. He was actually preparing for a professional baseball career in high school, but refused a sports scholarship to enter Duke University, majoring in economics. While at Duke University, he found himself hanging out on radio, commercials and TV shows, which aroused his interest.

Military service (Air Force, Strategic Air Command) interrupted his fledgling career, but he finally got back on track after retiring and played a role on the summer musical stage, including Oklahoma! , South Pacific and Kismet, and some TV sections.

David made his Broadway debut as “Rudolph” in his original work “Hello, Dolly!” in 1964. Starring the legendary Carol Channing. A year later, he continued to appear in the “One Year Old Horse” produced by Broadway, but the show went bankrupt after only three performances.

David made his debut as a waiter in the 1967 TV series “Crown”, then signed with Universal, and quickly and easily played the lightweight “good guy” co-star role. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Desafío en el Rancho (1967) across from Doris Day, the naval comedy En cada puerto una pelea (1968), and the weird farce “You heard the story about traveling saleswoman?” (1968) Starring the equally weird Phyllis Diller. Instead, he turned to television, and when he joined the successful Western El virginiano (1962) as David Sutton, he made a deep impression.

This led to Dr. Paul Hunter becoming a major star in the acclaimed medical series “New Medicine” (1969), where he played with rotating stars E.G. Marshall and John Saxon. David was nominated for the Golden Globe Award in five seasons.

During this time, television was still his strong point, in well-known episodes such as “Marcus Welby, MD”, “Game Title”, “Ironside” and “Owen Marshall, Legal Counsel” Found a strong cameo. As a TV movie star, he continues to show a flair for lighter materials. These characters include the male Chauvinist policeman who feuded with the lovely Barbara Eden in “The Feminist and the Furry” (1971); a detective who, along with other investigator Don Knots, Explore the mystery in a creepy old house; John Payne’s role in the remake of the Christmas classic film “34 Milagro Avenue” (1973), by Jane Alexander and Sebastian Cabot Co-starring.

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