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Deepak Chaurasia Drunk Video, Anchor Deepak Chaurasia News Nation Journalist Clip Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit Link!


A video of CNN presenter Deepak Chaurasia paying respect to Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat, who died in a horrific helicopter accident in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor on Wednesday, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons on social media. Chaurasia is seen speaking unusually in the viral video, prompting some Twitter users to speculate that the news presenter was intoxicated while presenting the broadcast. He also calls General Bipin Rawat VP Singh in the video. What happened to Deepak Chaurasia?’ a Twitter user called Mohammad Zubair (@zoo bear) said after sharing this video footage on social media.

Deepak Chaurasia Drunk Video

Is he suffering from any sort of illness? Why has he taken part of his show’s content off from YouTube?’ Let us inform you that Deepak Chaurasia’s popular anchoring video has been taken off from YouTube. After that, Zubair posted a photo of himself dancing and singing at a wedding, writing that the probability of him being ill cannot be thrown out because he was seen singing and dancing at a wedding ceremony just the day before. This is Deepak Chaurasia and he is not in sense,’ commented Prashant Shukla (@journoPrsant) on Twitter.

Deepak Chaurasia News Nation Anchor Viral Video

He was unable to talk properly and, in lieu of Bipin Rawat, pays respect to VK Singh. “When the intoxicated of bogus nationalism courses through the blood, the tongue falters and the true face is shown,” Vinod Kapri added. This behavior is awful on national tv, but it is an immoral act when honors are given to 13 Indian Armed Forces personnel. Many people are labeling News Nation journalist Deepak Chaurasia good and terrible, while others are refuse to drink because they feel Deepak Chaurasia, the news nation’s anchor, has anchored him after consuming alcohol. Deepak Chaurasia can be seen in the video attempting to host the show in an unusual manner, which has left many people wondering what is wrong.

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Mohammad Zubair commented on the video, asking whether he was okay. Why was he fired from his program Desh Ki Beha’s just minutes after it premiered? Zubair continued, “Why isn’t his show on YouTube? He also pointed out that he referred to CDS General Bipin Rawat as VP Singh when paying respect to him, among other blunders. Following that, Zubair tweeted a photo of himself dancing and singing at a wedding, writing that the notion of him being ill has been ruled out because he was spotted singing and dancing at a wedding event just the day before.

Deepak’s images from a wedding he attended the same days are doing the rounds on the internet. The journalist may have come straight from the wedding to present the live broadcast while still drunk, based on his appearance on the show and the ceremony. A seasoned journalist, on the other hand, should not get involved in such matters. The news broadcaster’s YouTube channel also did not include the footage.

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