Desert Oasis High School In Clark County Today Injury Updates & Video CCTV Footage

Nowadays, social media users are becoming the witness of uncounted viral scandals as regularly dozens of viral videos are coming out on social networking sites, while remaining the hit potato among everyone. But one thing has been changed properly, that not all the time these incidents contain an explicit one, sometimes these videos lead to a very controversial topic. Something similar has recently happened as the video footage of Desert Oasis High School is being circulated on social media up to the extent while fetching immense reactions. So below you could check everything you need to know.

Desert Oasis High School In Clark County

As per the exclusive reports or sources, whoever got injured has been sent to the nearest medical center for treatment while conforming to their close ones, so that, in this tough time they could get the support of their family. Even the police case has been filed by the management team of High School against those whose prime involvement is standing behind the exploit, so that, those could get the appropriate sentence for such a heinous crime. Even the guardians of those victims are also urging the concerned authorities to take appropriate actions against the defaulter

What Is In The Footage?

Reportedly, the video is containing those scenes which are enough for the concerned department for taking action against the culprits, in the video, it is clearly appearing that how a few people started the gunfire while confrontation between followers in the course of the autumn matchup, which held on between Strawberry Crest and ickles High School. After executing the crime those culprits were disappeared but due to the strong investigation, the concerned department arrested and sent them into custody, because no one has a right to become the cause of somebody’s unexpected demise.

As soon as the CCTV footage is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions are coming out, as almost everyone is unleashing their remarks. Because no one has a right to execute such a heinous crime nearby the school area despite knowing that many innocent children are pursuing their studies from there, and these kinds of cheap activities could affect them badly. This is one of the major issues that uncounted parents are requesting to the concerned department to take such appropriate actions against the defaulter so that, no one could even dare to kill someone. So here we have liberated such details which have been derived from the other sources and when we will get more we will update you.

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