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Désirée von Trotha is dead, Film author, journalist and photographer


She is considered one of the experts in North Africa, and her knowledge, her experience with threatened nomads, her connections with the Western Sahara region and her love for the people and the region have made her molded. She fell for it. Désirée von Trotha died in Munich on November 27, 2021, at the age of 59.

She was born in Augsburg on December 30, 1961, to the noble von Trossas family of Saxony. She first studied graphic design in the 1980s and later at the Munich University of Film and Television. Since 1991, she has led many expeditions to the Sahara region between Mali and Mauritania, and between Niger and Algeria, eventually shifting the focus of life to the ancient commercial city of Agadez in central Niger.

Over the years, she has created books, photo albums, documentaries, movies, news articles, and television reports for ZDF, art, and WDR. Among them: “African Beauty-The Art of Hairstyle in Mali” (2010) and the documentary “Woodstock of Timbuktu-The Art of Resistance” (2011), released in German cinemas in 2013. (Contributor: KulturPort. Since)

She showed the photos of her in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in various exhibition halls, such as the recent “Sahara”. Photos from 2010 to 2020 “This summer from June to September at Ulm City Hall.

She spoke respectfully about the desert and the people who lived there. She is a cultural companion and loves the music of the region.

She likes to describe herself as a chronicler who works with documentary photography media. Désirée von Trotha brings us closer to a huge area in Germany, where we can hardly get complete information about it. She photographed people and described the complicated situation and living conditions at the moment the shutter was released. She looks for dissidents elsewhere and she also looks for dissidents.

She wrote articles on the arms trade, corruption and criminal networks, Islamic terrorism, civil wars, and refugees. Recently, she conducted extensive research on issues related to the Sahel and the Sahara Gold Rush and the international mining companies operating unscrupulously there. Thanks to her knowledge and her network, she was able to move there safely and gather information that she considered important to civil society.

One of her ancestors was General Lothar von Trotha, who was primarily responsible for the Herero and Naama genocides in 1904 and 1905 in what is now Namibia.

In addition to issues of public responsibility and redress, Désirée von Trotha’s generation also faced a personal confrontation with what happened. They went to Namibia to visit, support and pray at the grave. Now we pray to him.

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