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Devoleena Lashes Out At Abhijit


Hey entertainment lover, we are back with the exclusive updates of your favorite quite contentious TV reality show Bigg Boss 15, so just gearing up yourself to watch the coming broadcasting as the 15th December 2021 episode, is bringing the high voltage drama to set the fire among the people or those who are following the show closely. Because recently the unexpected nominations have been done inside the house, and those names came which no one even supposed because spaceship task has created drama among them as everyone wants to save their favorite one including themselves.

Watch Bigg Boss 15 Today Episode 15th Dec 2021: Devoleena Lashes Out At Abhijit

The recent episode begins where Abhijit Bichukale becomes the cause of Devleena and Tejasswi’s anger, as he crosses his limits through his words according to their perspective. As he touches Devoleena’s face without her willing and says that she can kiss him too, he will welcome her. As soon as she hears her temper gets shocked and replies that he needs to be within his limits because she does not like it if someone does this kind of thing with her. Because everyone has their limits and they should know about them as well. Even Rakhi Sawant favors Devoleena and slams Abhijit as well.


  • Abhijit Bichukale passes some remarks to Devoleena
  • Devoleena gets into an ugly spat with Abhijit
  • Bigg Bos announces punishment to the entire house

Later, Tejasswi Prakash also comes and says that she was too close to hit his face when he passed such remark to her, and pushes him as well when he comes forward to reply to her. Meanwhile, she mentions that he needs to be within his limits and follows that as well. Because if he passes such remarks so he will have to for a reply as well. But Abhijit says that he did not say even a single word which ould hurt them.

At the same time, during the task, Karan Kundra says that if thievery is allowed so everyone has a right to take such things, because everyone wants to win the task and make their secure spot in the final race. Hence, the entire housemates start stealing the things while playing the task, where Rajiv and Ritesh also get into an ugly spat and Rashmi makes Rakhi understand that she should take the fair decision, otherwise the entire game will overturn and blame will come on her. But Meanwhile Bigg Boss takes an action as they destroy the game.

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