Do You Want To Come See My Cat Meaning and Korea Drama Explained

Do You Want To Come See My Cat Meaning and Korea Drama Explained: BTS maknae Jungkook left admirers shook on Friday on the occasion of Holi. The singer who is just 24-years-old indulged his admirers in a Q and A session. Jeon Jungkook barefaced flirted back with admirers leaving them shaken. ARMYs began wondering if Jungkook also changed his temperament with his Instagram ID from user alphabet to Jungkook.97. The golden maknae is popularly known as the baby of the group. But some of the answers given by Jeon Jungkook have made admirers wonder if he is definitely a baby anymore. Jungkook teased an admirer to confess that she loved him instead of “liked” him, and he also made a Ramyeon reference. Follow More Update On

Do You Want To Come See My Cat

Do You Want To Come See My Cat Meaning 

He informed an admirer if she wished to have ramyeon with him. As we all know, in K-dramas a conversation over a hot bowl of ramyeon directs to something that is romantic. This was not all. When someone made a reference to OTT platform Netflix and Chill, he stated nowadays it is more like do you want to come house and watch my cat. It looks it implies that individuals of opposite s*x get to the place of each other to watch a cat and it directs to other things…ahem ahem!

Some admirers wondered if the Las Vegas air had already touched Jeon Jungkook. Admirers began noticing the difference in the personalities of the boys. Jungkook looked quite relaxed while ARMYs observed how Taehyung alias V shut down such comments as delusional. Jin would inform people to cut out the nonsense while SUGA alias Min Yoongi reacted on his mood.

Do You Want To Come See My Cat Korea Drama

One ARMY unleashed the power of a world-popular pick-up line, only for JK to match their energy. “Jungkookie do your feet hurt? because you are running in my heart,” the admirers stated, only to get back a-no wonder…(my feet) were throbbing a bit.”

But that was not all!

Another admirer even went as far ahead to suggest whether the golden maknae wants to “eat ramyeon with them”. Not one to refuse a perfectly good offer, he said, do you want to eat ramyeon (with me) prior to you leave?”

K-drama enthusiasts may already be aware, but for those of you who do not, “do you want to eat ramyeon’ is the Korean equivalent of Netflix and chill.

The latest news is that Jin has met with a wound to his finger and got it operated. He is recovering well. BTS members are making chaos with their insta accounts. Stay tuned with getindianews for more such updates.


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