Does Dr. Turner Die In Call The Midwife? Explained

Does Dr. Turner Die In Call The Midwife? Explained: Stephen McGann who played the role of Doctor Turner was one of the characters engaged in the dreadful train crash on Sunday’s theatrical installment of the BBC medical drama. The beloved Call The Midwife doctor was traveling along with Sister Julienne (role played by Jenny Agutter) and Nancy Corrigan (role played by Megan Cusack) back from Chelmsford following a seminar on epidurals when the driver of the train had a convulsion at the wheel, causing the train to derail. Could Doctor Turner die from his wounds if the emergency services do not reach him in time? Follow More Update On

Does Dr. Turner Die In Call The Midwife

Does Dr. Turner Die In Call The Midwife?

At the time of episode 7 of series 11, Timothy Turner (role played Max Macmillan) came back home from university after falling ill with glandular fever. Lying on the sofa watching pale with a blanket wrapped around him, Timothy asked his father Doctor Turner to test him about the lymphatic system. Disappointed about struggling with his medical studies his father attempted to offer him some words of advice. The doctor warned his son that he required lots of fluids and rest in order to heal from his illness.

Though Timothy snapped: “I can not afford to fall behind due to some stupid virus.” Doctor Turner further added, “It is not a competition Tim and if it was it would be a marathon, not a 100-yard dash. When I was in training…” Timothy cut his dad off mid-sentence, informing him he did not want to hear another “rose-tinted” tale about his time in medical school. The youngster fumed “Things have changed since your day.”

The row began to escalate between the duo, with Doctor Turner replying: “I am sorry, I did not realize I was boring you.” Timothy said, clearly upset over the response of his father that “You are obviously forgotten just how difficult it is.” Doctor Turner described he had never forgotten how tough studying to become a doctor was which is why he was tense about his son. A frustrated Timothy shouted, “I know this is difficult for you and mum to accept but I am an adult now, you have given me orange squash for god sake.”

When his father sarcastically asked whether he had to prefer a dry martini, Timothy thrashed: “I had preferred not to be talked to like a child, in case you had not realized I am 20 years old. This is my career, my life. It is mine if I make the wrong decisions and mine if I make the right ones too and this is my degree to create a mess of I want to.”

Many watchers were up in arms over the dramatic episode, with Kate who made Tweet: “If Doctor Turner passed away I do not know what I will do. #CallTheMidwife.”


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