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Dr Betts Illinois Wife Shot Dead? Murder Video? Who Were Karol Betts and Michael Betts?


Recently, Dr Betts Illinois, a popular pediatrician, is in news. Yes, he has been trending online and the netizens who don’t know the reason behind the same are confused. Well, we are here with all the information related to the pediatrician. It is coming forward that Dr Peter Betts has shot and murdered his wife which is why he has become the subject of discussion on various social media platforms. It is really shocking that a respected and well-known doctor like him has been involved in such kinds of rumours.

Dr Betts Illinois Wife Shot Dead

The United Kingdom-based professional pediatrician has been working in his field for several years. Sources claim that Betts was 76-year-old when he died. Born in 1945, he completed his course training in Birmingham and further as a consultant he joined Southampton and Winchester. You must be wondering if the doctor actually killed his wife and who even was his wife. Well, let us tell you that Dr Betts wife is Elizabeth Betts. However, not much information about her is available on the internet such as her personal and professional life. This is the reason why people are wondering if she was murdered or died naturally.

Currently, there are plenty of rumours regarding the murder of Dr Betts’ wife is circulating the internet. Well, there is no authentic proof regarding the same available on the internet as of now. It is still being searched that what happened to Dr Bett’s wife. As per the tweets of PIER Network, Dr Peter Betts passed away on October 14, 2019, at the age of 76. They wrote that they feel lucky to have worked with such incredible colleagues and that he will always be missed. The tweet was posted on Oct 15 under the hashtag #PIER2019. He was found dead reportedly in his garden.

A Twitter user @Elsie2127 wrote that Dr Peter Betts who was 76 faced serious anxiety after being told about his wife’s murder case. However, before the police could talk to him and get any information, the doctor died. It is being said that the retired doctor committed suicide after an interview over the historic allegation. Though it is still not confirmed if he took his own life or not. As mentioned above, we have not much information available about the Hampshire doctor and all the rumours that are going around. We will surely update you once getting any details about the case. Till then, follow our site.

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