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During Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Fight


Nowadays, Social Media has become the platform where anything is getting viral up to the extent, even a few consider it a perfect platform to share their statement which converts into controversy as well and almost every time it saw. Something similar recently happened with Nate Diaz during the clash between Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul, as his video containing a mock punch on MMA fighter Carrese Archer went viral. As soon as the users are getting familiarized with the news their shocking reaction is coming to the fore, so below you can check those pieces of vital details which you need to know.

Carrese Archer fake punch video

As per the latest reports, Tyron and Jake’s fight is still, remaining the hot discussion since they both announces that both would be battling again. Hence, everyone is keeping their eyes on each activity of both so that, they could not be ignorant from the back details of them. Hence, Nate determined to do something out of the normal by throwing in a fake punch at an audience number. Everything is clearly appearing in the video that at what manner Nate’s action created ruckus with the audience member, which is inappropriate enough.

Carrese Archer Fake Punch Video

When it comes to the video, so during Tyron and Jack’s fight many celebrities and popular faces were part of the event, and Nate was included in their list. When everyone was enjoying the event Nate did such inappropriate behavior that grabbed the entire attention. As he attempted to throw a fake punch on the face of a man who was standing right beside him, because if which, victim’s drink got spoiled as it fell down on the surface, initially, everyone was thinking that he was a normal person, but later, he found out as an MMA fighter Carrese and everyone got surprised to see his face.

Now, everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details about Carrese Archer, so he is an MMA fighter who uses Instagram with the username “1punchlikkarese and around 2k people have followed him. Most of the time, he seems while post such videos of his workout session, but this time he remained the hot topic as he challenged Nate for the fight. As soon as their admirers got the news, they are waiting for the response, whether would the fight take place or not. This is the reason many searches are reported on their name, so when something will arrive we would make you familiar for sure.

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