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Eduin Caz Cheating Scandal Video Images Real Or Fake? Who Is Daisy Anahy?


After a long, once again Eduin Caz is surrounded by controversies and remains the hoit discussion among the people, ever since his personal video went viral in such a massive manner on Twitter. Because of this, heavy reactions of the admirers are taking place on social media, which is a matter of concern for him. Because as soon as the time is passing his viral video is catching the heat, many accusations are also coming to the fore which is creating a buzz as well. So below you can check the truth behind the case along with some untold facts.

Eduin Caz video

According to the reports or sources, In his viral content, he is appearing while sleeping next to a woman and as far as his admirers are concerned she is not his spouse. Hitherto no statement arrived from his side on the incident, many users are commented on his video which is creating the worst situation for him. Because his video caught fire on Twitter, and almost everyone makes their appearance on the app to know what is going on in the world. Therefore, almost everyone has streamed the video, in which his inappropriate activities are appearing.

Eduin Caz Video

If the reports are to be considered, so it would confirm his betrayal of Daisy Anahu who is his wife netizens are supporting his wife because recently she is hit by this spontaneous news, so, therefore, everyone can relate with her. After interacting with the news, he shared a statement that, nothing was real in the video so please stop considering him the culprit of betraying Daisy. Further, he said, that the viral incident is unfaithful enough so there is no need to believe such a false narrative unless you get the reality behind it, but his face is clearly appearing in the video which is creating buzz.

What Is In The Video 

According to the clip, the singer is appearing while lying on the bed next to an anonymous woman whose face does not appear clearly. He has been seen naked while carrying only a single white shift but despite this stuff, he is continuing to deny to accept his flaw. So therefore unless strong evidence comes to the fore, we can not pronounce anything but reports are claiming the different story behind the case, so you will have to be patient a bit more, so stay tuned with us to know more.

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