Edward Lake death, father of 3 children was hit and killed by a drunk driver

Edward Lake, the father of three who was hit and killed by a drunk driver in the Toronto area nearly seven years ago, has died.

The Lake child’s mother, Jennifer Neville-Lake, made the news of his death public on her social media page.

“My child’s father, Edward Lake, joined our children so they could play together forever,” she wrote.

“The eyes he shares with Harry are forever closed. Daniel’s curls will never shine in the sun again. I’ll never see Millie’s shy smile crawling off his lips again… Kita, Edward.”

The post is about 9-year-old Daniel, his 5-year-old brother Harrison, and their 2-year-old sister Millie, who died in a September 2015 collision on a country road near Kleinburg, Ontario. Mahal Kita means “I love you” in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.

From left to right, Neville Lake’s children: Harry, 5, Millie, 2, and Daniel, 9. The three were killed along with their grandfather, Gary Neville, on September 27, 2015.

The children’s grandfather, Gary Neville, was also killed, while their grandmother and great-grandmother were seriously injured.

Lake’s death was also confirmed by police.

“Very saddened to hear of Ed Lake’s tragic passing tonight. The loss of the Neville-Lake family is heartbreaking,” York Regional Police Chief Jim MacSween wrote on Twitter on Monday.

The drunk driver responsible for the accident was Marco Muzo, who had just come home from a bachelorette party in Miami. When Muzo was driving his jeep over a stop sign, he was travelling at 85 km/h and crashed into a minivan carrying Lake Neville. At the time of the accident, his blood alcohol level was at least twice the legal limit.

Drunk driver Marco Muzzo who killed children and their grandfathers in a 2015 accident gets a full suspended sentence
Muzo was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of wrongful death and two counts of unlawful driving in 2016. He was granted conditional full parole in February 2021.

During Muzo’s sentencing hearing, Lake told the court he suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and suffered from frequent night terrors.

“I feel lost. I feel devastated and that’s how I feel,” he told the media after the court hearing.

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