Eliza Fletcher: Cleotha Abston’s uncle Nathaniel Isaac says he’s ‘100% sure’ his nephew did it #ElizaFletcher

Eliza Fletcher, a mother-of-two and the next in line to handle the billion-dollar family business, was abducted on September 2 by Cleotha Abston, who was arrested by the authorities on September 5 before charging him with “especially aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence”. Now, an uncle of Abston has come forward to slam his nephew.


Nathaniel Isaac, 69, got candid in a conversation with Daily Mail and slammed his nephew who has a criminal history. He revealed that the kidnapper’s mother is in hiding ever since the 38-year-old accused was arrested for the crime. Isaac said, “She’s in hiding. That’s why she’s not here now. She’s very upset about what happened. I’ve seen the news, hopefully, that poor woman’s still alive. You can always hope.” Isaac explained how he never really knew Abston as the latter spent 20 years in prison for an unrelated kidnapping, but shed light on his brother Mario who is on the same route as his brother as he was also arrested on unrelated drugs and firearms charges after a raid.


According to unreleased surveillance footage, a man can be seen running aggressively toward Fletcher, 34, and forcing her into the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle did not move as they stayed inside the car for four minutes and drove off to an unknown location. The footage shows a black 2013 GMC terrain, in the same area 24 minutes before the mother-of-two was taken at 4.20 am. So far, potential search locations have been Martin Luther King Riverside park, as well as a pond within the area, and Pine Hill Park.


Cleotha Abston's uncle Nathaniel Isaac slams him and asserta that his nephee has something to do with the disappearance of Eliza Fletcher. (Screenshot from exclusive Daily Mail)
Cleotha Abston’s uncle Nathaniel Isaac slams him and asserts that his nephew has something to do with the disappearance of Eliza Fletcher. (Screenshot from exclusive Daily Mail video)

Eliza Fletcher’s kidnapper gets slammed by relative

Nathaniel Isaac had more to say about the family he married into saying. He goes, “My whole f**king family’s wacky. They always have been. They’re not beloved to me because they’re nuts. It’s the truth. Go check the police records for the Abstons. You’ll find they’re all perpetrators of something. My wife’s son stayed locked up. Mario is arrested now for drugs and carrying a gun. And Cleo, I’m 100 percent sure he had something to do with her abduction. Can I prove it? No.”

Cleotha was previously sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping a man at gunpoint in Memphis. He was convicted of abducting a Memphis lawyer, Kemper Durant, at gunpoint and placing him in the trunk of his car before forcing him to withdraw money from ATMs. He reportedly received 20 years in 2001 at the age of 17. His brother, Mario Abston, 36, was arrested by law enforcement officials on Saturday, September 3, after officers searched his home when he was spotted acting ‘suspiciously’ by neighbors. Fletcher is yet to be found.

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