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The British Academy funded a project examining the connection between modern culture and modernism during the early to mid-20th century. Called Revolutionary Red Tape, this project investigated how public servants and commissions helped commission, distribute and popularize art, literature and design considered modern in Britain.

The gem of sunny Somerset is Clevedon, a seaside town where I spent my formative years. As a child growing up in an Art Deco decorated house, I developed a passion for the 1920s and 1930s. This love still influences my work and home decor. After spending time in Cardiff University studying cultural criticism and English literature, I did an MA and an AHRC-funded PhD in Critical and Cultural Theory. During 2017, I received a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship due to my project Revolutionary Red Tape. The project concluded in September 2022 and I currently write up findings for my first monograph as a result of the project: Art for the People: Everyday Encezvous with the Arts in Modern Britain.

I have worked in many different disciplines over the last decade. These include art and design history, fashion, cultural history, cultural studies, critical theory, creative writing, periodical and literary studies, and even some fashion. My work doesn’t fit into just one field of study, so I often collaborate with colleagues from other arts and humanities departments. I’ve worked with colleagues from KU Leuven in Belgium, as well as those from other UK universities. I work with third-sector colleagues as well as artists and cultural organizations frequently. I welcome anyone who wants to work with me to contact me; I’m always interested in working on new projects.

During a three-month fellowship at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, I became infatuated with archival research. My love for this field grew while I worked with their British Travel Posters collection. Since then, I have spent numerous hours digging through archives for Revolutionary Red Tape. While working on this project, I discovered forgotten plans to emancipate art from galleries and expose them to everyday life. I enjoy sharing my work with as many people as possible; this is why I welcome any opportunity to speak at public events. Over the years, I have spoken about the Golden Age of Poster Design and Art for the People at Winterbourne House and Birmingham & Midland Institute. In 2022, I was announced as a finalist in the AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinkers scheme. Since then, I have been interviewed on Free Thinking by BBC Radio 3 to discuss my work with the Arts Council and Arts League of Service Travelling Theatre— which I would go on to serve as a Trustee.

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