Ernie Dingo attacked by antivaxxers, death threats – is dead?

Australian television icon Ernie Dingo received death threats after stepping up to help Western Australia increase its backward vaccination rate.

65-year-old Dingo has been touring northern Western Australia, trying to increase Aboriginal vaccination rates across the state.

The host of Great Outdoors has been working hard to eliminate the stigma of coronavirus vaccines in remote indigenous communities in Western Australia.

“People don’t sit down and talk a lot with our elders, that’s the problem,” Dingo told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week.

“It’s a slow pace. When you sit down with your elders, you have to sit down. Never ask questions and you will learn more. But in this case, we need to speed up.”

Dingo’s tour of the state has become the target of many anti-vax social media groups, and thousands of members of the group have mobilized against Dingo.

According to Perth Now, Dingo was subjected to a series of death threats and racial abuse during a two-month federally funded trip through Western Australia.

A commenter attacked Dingo, claiming that he was a “traitor who betrayed his own people.”

“Promote genocide in exchange for… paper notes, this will be your legacy Ernie Dingo,” another wrote.

More than 71% of Western Australians over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, but vaccination rates in some of the more remote areas of the state are lagging behind.

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