Face split divingFace split diving accident full video – 16 years old boy face split video

A horrific accident video is circulating all over the Internet grabbing the attention of the netizens. The video is getting viral due to its rapid sharing from one platform to another.

So, as we mentioned above that the video is showing a bone-chilling accident that can even disturb light-hearted people. Netizens are rushing to watch the video in the curiosity of exploring the content of the video.

As of now, we came to know that the video is featuring a 16 years old boy hitting the sea waves. It has become one of the trending videos on social media platforms. Get more information on Face Split Diving Accident Video.

As we informed you that the video is featuring a 16 years old boy jumped the seaside promenade in Beirut, Lebanon, however, the boy slips before the dive.

However, while jumping the boy slipped due to which he missed the ocean and he smashed the concrete slab in the area where fishermen fishing. He first hit the concrete and then goes into the ocean. As and when he crashed on the concrete the complete yard turned red because of the blood.

Some of the onlookers recorded the entire incident and even posted it on social media and now it is circulating all over the Internet.

All the people present there were shocked to see the horrific incident. The was blood all over the concrete. The video is also orbiting on the Internet stunning all the people who have watched it so far.

The video is also showing some boatmen also tried to help him but in vain. It is unclear if the injured boy received a medical examination or not. Along with that the current health condition of the boy is also unavailable.

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