Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th Feb 2022 Episode Written Update: Agastya Cries For Pakhi

Colors new serial Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan has been premiered and has been gaining good response from the viewers. It is the franchise of the show with the same name which has entertained the fans with two seasons. Now, the makers have dropped the new show on the channel which has managed to become the hot topic as well. Let us find out what happens in the written update of today’s episode. The episode starts with Agastya crying as he talks to his Dadi about everyone leaving him at the end.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan

Dadi tells Agastya that she will not leave him. Agastya gets emotional and says that Pakhi had also told him the same thing but she left him nevertheless. He recalls his mother leaving him and says that he thinks he does not deserve love and cries. Dadi tries to comfort him by saying Pakhi is not the last girl on this planet so he should not think himself unworthy of love.

Telling Dadi, Agastya says that he had fallen in love with her the moment he had seen her. He adds that he will not let her go from his life and will kill anyone who tries to take her away. Here, Pakhi says that she is worried about Agastya as he left the event. Ishaan volunteers to drop Pakhi at her home. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets a call from Agastya. She picks up and asks if he left.

Agastya apologizes to her and says he will apologize to her client as well. Pakhi asks him not to think about the client. Agastya says that he had gotten some important work so left. Agastya further says that he has come up with a new idea and says that he will arrange a dream date for her and her hero. Ishaan does not like the plan and tells Pakhi that Agastya is weird. Pakhi says that he has always been like this. In the next scene, Pakhi and Ishaan come for the dinner.

Ishaan gets impressed with the arrangement and calls it fancy. Although Ishaan does not like the suit Agastya sent him to wear. Pakhi cheers him up saying he looks good in that. Agastya thinks that the game is going to be quite interesting. Later, the waiter brings drinks for the couple and spills them on Ishaan. Ishaan rushes to the washroom while Pakhi orders Pasta. For more updates, follow our site.

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