Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th February 2022 Episode Today’s WU: Agastya Instigates Pakhi

Today’s episode of Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan starts with Agastya coming to Aisha’s room. He gently caresses her face and says that she means the world to him. He asks her for forgiveness for bringing trouble into her life. He says that ever since Pakhi has come into his life, he is facing difficulties. Meanwhile, Aisha wakes up. Agastya tells her that she will be okay and adds that the hospital is not a good place. Aisha asks if he has been in the hospital too to which he says yes for months.


In the next scene, Pakhi calls Agastya and asks him about Dodo. Here, Pakhi’s sister comes in to show her the number of likes she got on her video. She notices Pakhi and asks if she is crying. She says that she has just work stress and asks her not to tell anyone. Pakhi calls Agastya again. Yug tells Agastya to answer the phone as she is calling again. Agastya says that he has given off to all his servants. Pakhi says that she has to meet Agastya. Yug tells Agastya that Pakhi is coming here.

Pakhi arrives at Agastya’s house. Agastya asks her if she is alright. Pakhi says that everything has gone worse. Pakhi continues to say that Ishaan feels like she tried to kill Aisha, his patient and has asked her to leave. She says that Ishaan hates her now. Agastya asks Pakhi to sit and says that Ishaan must have gone crazy to have treated her like that. He says how can he even blame her and adds that he finds him suspicious. Agastya asks Pakhi how can she be with him. Pakhi says because he loves her. Agastya asks her to go to him then and cry there.

Agastya continues to instigate Pakhi against Ishaan and dances when he gets convinced that he is wrong. Pakhi gets confused and asks him why is he dancing. Agastya says that as her friend, he is happy to know that she has come out of that toxic relationship of her. He adds that Ishaan does not deserve her and she will soon find the true love that will not just love her but care for her and protect her. Pakhi hugs him and says that he cares a lot for her. She says that he has spoiled her to which Agastya says “he loves it”.

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