Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Today’s Written Update 19th Feb 2022: Ishaan Hits Agastya

Today’s episode of Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan starts with Agastya welcoming Ishaan to the bachelor’s party. The latter sits in a corner. Agastya asks Dr Sahab about the arrangement and asks if he liked it. Ishaan nods and the pair decides to drink. Here, Pakhi comes with her friends for dinner. Taniya tells her that she has to wear the Tiara. Later, Pakhi opens the box and gets surprised seeing a mask and fake blood in there. Taniya tells her that it is the Halloween stuff. Taniya then calls Yug.

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Today's Written Update 19th Feb 2022: Ishaan Hits Agastya

Taniya asks Yug what is he trying to do with Pakhi. Yug asks her to think about her mother’s life as he can harm her and asks her to do as he asks her to do. Taniya gets scared and agrees. Here, Agastya asks the bartender if he has fallen in love and says that one has to do a lot in love. The waiter brings a drink for Ishaan and gives him. Ishaan drinks it. Pakhi tells Taniya that no one came and asks if she had given the invitation to her friends. Pakhi asks if she gave them the right address. Tanya nods.

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Latest Episode

Shanaya checks the card and says it has tomorrow’s date making Pakhi shocked. Taniya says that she did a huge mistake and asks how can she fix it. Shanaya does not like Taniya behaviour and asks if her sorry will fix anything. Pakhi asks them not to argue and says it’s fine. On another side, Ishaan does not feel good. He sees people dancing on the “jungle theme” and thinks why he is feeling this way. He just sits in a corner. His head hurts. Meanwhile, a man wearing a mask comes and tells him that he will never get Pakhi.

Ishaan gets shocked and asks the masked man what did he just say. The man tells him that Agastya said that to him. Ishaan loses his calm and hits the glass at Agastya. He asks him if he loves Pakhi and is doing all of these things intentionally. Agastya gets angry too and admits loving Pakhi. He shoves Ishaan and says that she has been his friend for years so he loves her. Ishaan asks him to quit the friendship drama. Ishaan adds that he knows that Agastya wants him to insult down by throwing a fancy party where Pakhi will reject him and choose him instead.

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