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Fateh Admits Tejo In The Hospital


The 22nd December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be super exciting, as Tejo gets into trouble as she is stuck between the clash of a few goons, and not understanding how to come out from it, as the situation is getting worse for her. But fortunately, Fateh sees Tejo and decides to save her hence, he rushes to her but as soon as he is about to reach someone hits her hard, and she gets fainted because the hitting takes place under full pressure. Therefore, she gets fallen down on the surface, Fateh gets shocked to see her condition.


Meanwhile, Fateh comes and holds her as she got an injury on her head, and because of this, she got fainted. He picks her and decides to make her admit to the hospital as the bleeding is not stopping while coming out. But Sponteniously Jasmine sees them together, and her jealousy to make them ruin again goes at its peak. Because she does not want to see them together with no matter what happens, her gestures are unleashing everything as her anger is getting higher, extempore, she says that she should do something with them as they are together now.

At the same time, Fateh picks up the trolley as there is no vehicle facility and makes her seat on it, by saying that unless he is here nothing will be happened with her. Hence, he brings her to the nearest medical center so that, she can get the appropriate cure and get healed soon. Because her blood keeps on coming out, which is remaining concerned about her, because if everything will be going on the same then it could be serious for her, therefore, he requests the doctor to check her as soon as possible, and meanwhile, makes a call to Angad Maan as well to inform him.

As soon as Angad Maan comes to the hospital he rushes towards the room where Tejo is being examined by the hospital staff, and thanks to Fateh as well as he brought her here for treatment. But Meantime, Fateh hides his mouth so that, he can not recognize him at any cost, but Fateh replies that its his duty if someone is in troubles everyone should make them out from it no matter what is the issue behind it, Angad Maan is waiting for the doctor so that, they can make him acquainted with Tejo’s condition.

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