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Fateh drags Jasmine in anger


Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Fateh drags Jasmine in anger: Today’s episode commences with Tejo as she comes to Angad as she needs his signature on some official papers. She gets shocked seeing him injured and treating himself. She cares for him and asks if he fought with anyone. She asks with whom he fought. Angad asks her who made her cry? Tejo asks him to leave it and there is no connection with him. Angad says to her that Jasmine made her cry. She says when he knows then why is he asking again. He lies to her saying that he fell down on the track and diverts the topic. Tejo questions Rajat who came here before. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Angad signs Rajat not to tell anything. Tejo asks Angad if he doesn’t love his job. Rajat reveals the truth that Fateh came and fought with Angad. Tejo gets shocked hearing this and wonders why he did this. Later, she confronts Fateh and scolds him for fighting with Angad. She asks him why he fought with Angad?  She asks why he bothers if she cries. He says that how can Fateh made her cry. Tejo asks if he has the only right to hurt her. Tejo says that he should have asked her before beating him. She asks him to not interfere in her life.

She asks why he and Jasmine can’t stay away from her and her life. Why they can’t be happy in their life and let her happy. She says that he lost all his rights on her that day when he signed divorce papers. She pleads with him to stay away from her and Angad. She leaves the place. Fateh punches the bag in anger. Fateh says he cares for her why doesn’t she understand? He wonders who made Tejo cry if Angad didn’t. Later, Fateh goes to meet Jasmine and takes her to the room. Mahi and Simran notice this. Fateh asks her if she said anything to Angad.

Jasmine denies and asks him to leave her. Fateh asks her for the answer. Jasmine says Tejo complained to him about her. Fateh asks why she always thinks wrong about Tejo. He asks if she realizes what Tejo did for them. Jasmine says there is her own selfish reason behind whatever she did. Fateh leaves the place saying if she hurts Tejo, he is not going to spare her. Jasmine gets furious and says Tejo has to pay for whatever she did today.

Here, Angad comes to Sandhu’s house bringing gifts. She goes to talk to him and asks why she brought all these gifts if he forgot it is just a drama. He says that he got a cute family because of this drama. He says that she won’t understand the value of family. Tejo asks what he means. Angad reveals that he is alone and his parents died in a plane crash when he was 12. Tejo says sorry to him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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