Fateh Helps Tejo To Expose Jasmine

Hello, all the daily soap lovers, your favourite television drama Udaariyaan 17th February 2022 episode is going to be overwhelming enough. As Jasmine is about to get trapped in Tejo and Fateh’s plan because they have created some circumstances because of which, she will unleash everything including those secrets which she is hiding from the very beginning. But Tejo is a bit worried as well because Bojo and Simran’s wedding is also around the corner and she does not want to create any obstacle. But she needs to take off the curtains from the truth of Jasmine.


Meanwhile, Fateh makes Tejo understand that he knows everything very well but despite this, they will have to execute their plan to trap Jasmine. Because as far as he has concerned, she will definitely create some problems for them, so it is better that they trap her and defeat her from all four corners. Therefore, Tejo makes a plan and tells it Fateh as well, at the same time, he mentions that now she does not have any chance to prevent it. But somewhere Tejo has doubt but Fateh is encouraging her to execute those plans which she made.

Udaariyaan 17th Feb

On the other hand, Jasmine is thinking that everything is going on the same she wanted because Fateh is not paying attention to her, as she made him busy with the preparations of Bojo and Simran’s wedding. But she does not know that Tejo has created such a strong plan against her, through which she will come under their hand for sure, and will dance on their nods too. Many speculations are claiming that Tejo’s plan is connected with Jasmine’s hidden secrets, and when she will execute it then everything will be revealed for sure, and Jasmine will reveal them from her tongue.

At the same time, Bojo and Simran’s wedding preparations will catch the heat, and amidst all these, Tejo will find those evidence which is speaking out the truth, that Jasmienn created a plan to trap Amrik in the lame murder case, while nothing had happened in such a manner she proved by showing them a fake death certificate. Then Tejo will come in front of her and show all those papers which will prove the truth, and meanwhile, she will call the police and send her behind the bars too. Because she has done everything instead of Amrik and therefore,m she deserves an appropriate sentence.

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