Fateh & Tejo Kidnaps Jasmine?

Hello, all the daily soap lovers, your favourite and quite dramatic show Udaariyaan 18th February 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama, where you will watch that Fateh decided to kidnap Jasmine unless Bojo gets married to Simran because he does not want her to create any obstacle during the wedding ceremony. Hence, he executes his plan to take her away from the wedding venue, because as far as he has concerned about Jasmine, she is the one who can not change for the sack of anyone else, so it is better if she stays away from their happiness.


Meanwhile, his telepathy says no to him for all of this but for the sake of his family’s happiness, he will have to do this. Because Jasmine is making such a huge conspiracy against them and at any cost, he will not let her execute that no matter what happens. Because after a while, finally, happiness knocks on their door so therefore, if she does something then he will not forgive her. That is why it is better if no drama or scene is created and hence it is necessary to take it away.

Udaariyaan 18th Feb

At the same time, Fateh thinks that he should make Tejo acquainted with his plan so that, she could give some suggestions to him, because he knows that Tejo wants the same as he wants. As Tejo already told him that nothing is more important than Bojo and Simran’s happiness, and she is ready to do anything for them. Therefore, Fateh says that being a sister of Jasmine, Tejo knows which place will be fine to hide her but spontaneously he thinks that if Tejo says no to favor him then what he will do because he needs to do this at any cost.

Later, Fateh makes Tejo understand that they will need to kidnap Jasmine as long as Bojo gets married to Simran, because when he was passing her room then he heard something. As Jasmine is planning something big against the entire family meanwhile, Tejo says that she knows everything, because she has also heard a few glimpses. Hence, both shake their hand and take a pledge that no matter what happens but they will not let Jasmine execute her conspiracy at any cost. So on the day of their wedding, they will make her remove, so do not miss streaming it on Colors and for more updates stay tuned with us.

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