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Father And Two Sons Died After House Caught Fire On Christmas


This Christmas brought joy for plenty of people but a few were not included in the list, as something frightening is reported from Quakertown Pa. Yes, you heard right, on Christmas, a tragedy happened where a father and two sons have passed away after their house has been caught by the fire in such a worst manner. Since the news took place a wave of shocking reaction came as everyone is giving their deep condolence to the family of the deceased as they became the witness of tragic tragedy, as the day proved worst for them.

Quakertown House Fire: Father And Two Sons Died After House Caught Fire On Christmas

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the tragedy occurred around 01:30 PM on Saturday and as soon as the firefighter got the news, they took place so that they can control the fire. Because as soon as the time is passing fore was taking the worst face like it will be make everything into ashes, as the waves were high enough, therefore, the neighbors first made the place empty so that, they can not get any injury because fire is such a thing which has an ability to born everything, no matter how hard the thing is, hence, unless firefighter took place the neighbors tried to make it reduce while throwing the water.

Quakertown House Fire Kills Father And Two Children

It is being reported, that two houses were joint with each other and therefore fire became the cause of devastation, later, the concerned department came to investigate the case while sending the bodies to the nearest hospital for the treatment. But the way their body got burned was frightening enough that they lost their lives on the spot. Then all deceased git recognized by the police department who was 41-years-old The Eric King, along with his two sons Liam who was 11-years-old and Patrick an 8-years-old boy.

Since the news came in front of the people everyone goit shocked enough because no one even suppose that tragedy could take the place in such a manner. Because they were only celebrating the fest or nothing else, but spontaneously when their home caught the heat they bodies were also caught by the fire which became the cause of their departure. Those who are left are going through great sorrow because their close ones are no longer among them, hence everyone is supporting them so that, they could not feel broken enough, may their soul rest in peace (RIP).

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