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Born without a golden spoon, 38-year-old Sophie Dee has managed to become one of the highest earners on OnlyF, an adult site where she makes $350,000 a month from filming porn scenes.

British model Dee, who grew up in a small village in Wales, has revealed how she escaped poverty and darkness into the limelight and became a millionaire, easily paying $60,000 for cosmetic surgery without quitting.

“We lived on welfare our entire childhood, my family lived in a run-down council estate. We never had branded products in our house – even a bottle of Coca-Cola was a treat for Christmas,” the OnlyF The star recalled in an interview with JamPrime.com published by The New York Post.

The adult star, who joined OnlyF in 2017, is currently worth millions. Forbes named Ms. Dee the world’s 48th top content creator for 2022.

Describing the rankings as a huge win for the sex industry, the porn actress said: “It feels great to be on the list because it’s a validation of sex work,” adding, “Sex work is work, and maybe it will.” People understand this. “

When asked about her family, Ms Dee revealed her people were initially apprehensive about the idea of ​​her starring in sex tapes and engaging in sexual activity on camera, but have since embraced her career path.

“When I started, the whole family – my father, my stepmother and my brother – hated it. No father would do this for his daughter, but the father came up with the idea and understood it It’s a real job.”

The British model revealed that villagers who had sneered at her “crawled back to congratulate her” when she returned to Wales for a visit.

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“Before I left the UK, people in our village would stare at me and berate me that I was an S–G. It was bad, but it actually helped me better prepare for today’s challenges, a being social Public figures in the media – people can really demean others online.”

The porn actress touted her millionaire status, noting that a decade after she moved to Las Vegas, most of her villagers still live in the same conditions.

“I recently returned to Wales and I know people who are doing exactly the same things they were 10 years ago, but with a few kids. I’m a millionaire now,” boasted the adult star.

“I don’t know if they follow my OnlyF, and while I don’t believe them, a lot of them reached out and congratulated me, which was funny,” she added.

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