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Florida Bride In Thong Twerk Lap Dance Viral Video At Wedding


Recently, a strange video has been going viral online which features a bride not wearing much twerking lap dance to her groom. As surprising as it sounds, the news is true. A video started surfacing on social media platforms mainly on Twitter which showed a bride wearing nothing but a completely backless dress. It was an apron style white shimmery dress paired with a thong. The dress exposed the bride’s backside of the body completely. As if wearing this kind of revealing dress was not enough, the bride also gave her soon to be husband a lap dance.

Watch: Twerking Bride In Thong Gives Groom Lap Dance Viral Video At Wedding

In the eye-popping video, the bride is seen twerking in front of everyone including the guests and her family. The video recently came to light and took over the internet. So far, it has gained around 2.9 million views and is insanely being circulated on Twitter. This has to be the first time when such kind of a video featuring a bride has come forward. As mentioned above, the bride entered the party while wearing a bedazzled halter dress which she paired with a matching G-string thong. As the video continues, the said bride bends over and goes ahead to wiggle in her hubby’s face.

Florida Bride Twerk Lap Dance Viral Video

As the bride dances, the crowd seems to cheer up for her and encourages her while her bridal party busts also do some sultry moves on “Dance for You”, Beyonce’s hit song. On another side, the venue full of wedding guests are excitedly recording the scene in front of them and are even focusing on the bride completely. The video was firstly shared by a user going by the handle @_1karin who happened to be the guest at the wedding. They shared the video on her Instagram story which has gained attention from so many people.

The bride who is being said to be named “Rochelle” continues jiggling her body up and down and gets the cheering from a crowd of friends and family. However, Twitter users are not that impressed with the bride’s performance and have been bashing her online. People are expressing their opinions on the video stating that whatever Rochelle wore and did was not appropriate for public display. Some also pointed out Rochelle’s bare feet in the video and called the entire video tacky. Well, there are some sections of people who are supporting Rochelle for doing whatever she wanted at her wedding.

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