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Florin Opritescu death, Romanian actor Vlad Dragic of plastic sea


I just found out about the death of Florin Opritescu , a Romanian actor whom I had the pleasure of directing in one of his first roles, and who later found a well-deserved place as a secondary in our fiction . A huge shame, he was a great guy.

Florin Opritescu is the son of Floricunta Opritescu and Ioan Opritescu. Florin Opritescu was born on September 21, 1979 in Timisoara, Romania. He studied at Colegiul Banatean School and Liceul Sportiv Banatul Academy.

Florin already showed a slight interest in art from a very young age, so his mother decided to take him to the “Flores” music school directed by Giovani Matasaru, for the entrance exam Florin was only 6 years old. After a great exam, Florin entered the school where he trained for 5 years, learned to sing and play the guitar, and there he fell in love with art. He discovered that there was a whole world out there, and if he managed to transform it into a performing arts world, his life would be very happy. However, Florin is a restless child, he wants to understand and participate in everything that surrounds him and, like any child his age, he is interested in sports.

At age 9, with the help of his father, he passed the entrance exam and entered the Sarbianca Giuchici football school. Soon after, he alternated soccer training with badminton and taekwondo courses. He enjoyed his enthusiasm for the sport for several years, until he was injured in a soccer game and his meniscus tore, forcing him to quit smoking at age 15.

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