Forest Road Boda-Boda Riders Viral Video, Woman Being Harassed Twitter / Reddit

A piece of disturbing news on the Internet is capturing the attention of the audience around the world and people are continuously searching about this video. Let us tell you that the video is being circulated as forest road video Boda Boda.

According to the sources which are circulating on social media, some Kenyans are filing a complaint against some Kenyans. They should be apprehended who have stripped the lady on the road of the forest. Since the news has been circulating on social media, many are showing their anger and appealing to arrest all the riders.

According to the report, the lady was harassed and assaulted by a Boda-Boda rider. After seeing the video, many Kenyans are showing their anger and appealing to arrest them as soon as possible. Here are lots of people on social media who have shown their anger and even asked authorities to arrest those riders. If you want to know more about them and the incident, keep reading this article and get every update of this incident. Along with this, it is not clear what was happened with the lady?

Forest Road Boda-Boda Riders Video Went Viral

Since the news started to circulate on social media, it is getting more viral and the video is showing the young woman who is crying in a pain and being harassed by the Boda-Boda riders. This matter has already taken a much place among netizens and they are appealing to authorities to arrest them all because of their crime.

The reports say that the riders were harassing the girl who was in her car when they started to misbehave inappropriately with her. Now, the matter has become a major incident and with this, it is also a matter of lady’s reputation in Kenya. The girl also made a complaint in which she told that she was harassed by the riders and all the Boda Boda riders are totally involved in this matter.

Even the matter crossed the limit of this incident and they were se#ually harassing her due to which she was crying in her pain. Well, the reports are suggesting that there were 16 suspects involved in this matter and five bikers have been seized by the official for their connection with the assault.

The victim of this incident shared the misbehaving video on the Internet and opened up the reality in front of everyone. After the video went viral on social media, many people came forward to help the lady and asked officials to arrest them as soon as possible. Stay tuned with us to know more updates.

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