Frank Kuiack obituary, is dead or still alive? whats happened?

Frank Kuiack is the last traditional fishing guide in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. As the remaining guardian of the land, he takes great pride in sharing his wisdom and expertise with a new generation. Watch his story on ‘The Last Guide’ now streaming on


Frank Kuiack, legendary Algonquin Park fishing guide, winner of the 2021 Director Award from Friends of Algonquin Park. Frank Cujak images of Wayne Simpson Photography.

The Board of Directors of Friends of Algonquin Park is pleased to announce the 2021 Director’s Award to Frank Kuiack (1936-2021) for his significant contribution to the appreciation of Algonquin Park.

Frank Cujak prepares lunch on the shore. Frank Kuiack is a legendary Algonquin Park fishing guide who started his career at the age of 8! Frank has visited and fished countless lakes in Algonquin Park over the decades, which has given him an important understanding of cold and warm water fishing in Algonquin Park. Kuiack shared this knowledge with Algonquin Parks fishermen to help develop stronger protections for Algonquin’s aquatic ecosystems.

Frank Kuiack has guided thousands of people from around the world through unforgettable moments on the water by mentoring celebrities, presidents, and “regular” park visitors. Frank’s trips often include shore lunches of freshly caught fish, rumored to be the best seafood dish most people will ever eat!

Most visitors to Algonquin Park’s popular Rock Bass Family Fishing Day at Whitefish Lake in July probably don’t know that Frank Kuiack has spent hours contributing to the event. Each year, Frank catches and cleans “tons” of invasive bass from nearby lakes in the days leading up to the event. Later, these carefully cleaned fillets were cooked and fed to the teenage participants and their families.

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