Full video footage: Twitter to remove Video of Ukrainian woman being sexually assaulted in broad daylight by an African asylum seeker originally from Guinea.

Video has emerged displaying a Ukrainian lady on the road crying out to God for assist as she was about to be raped by a person in Piacenza, Italy on Aug. 21. An African asylum seeker has been arrested.

Stopping a 27-year-old Guinean asylum seeker from r@ping a 55-year-old Ukrainian lady on the street within the northern city of Piacenza.


Piacenza, Meloni: “Nothing to apologize for, I shared videos to express solidarity”

On the sidelines of the opening rally of the election marketing campaign in Ancona, the president of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni returns to the controversy raised for sharing the video of the rape of a lady in Piacenza on her social channels.


The girl sufferer of the episode made it identified that she was “desperate”, to have been acknowledged by way of that video.

Watch Giorgia Meloni Twitter video:

You can even watch the original Giorgia Meloni Twitter video by following this link. (Warning: NSFW content material).

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