Full video: Kimmikka video leaked on twitter and reddit and Adrianah Lee

Recently, Twitch streamer Kimmikka’s sex tape went viral, and Kimmika_ was banned for violating Twitch’s rules. Seven days later, Twitch lifted Kimmikka’s ban.

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Kimmika’s video got her banned; apparently because she shares too much of her personal life with her fans.

Kimmikka’s video was shared via Twitter and quickly garnered over 12 million views. The video in question mostly shows Kimmikka’s face as she types on a keyboard, and – apparently – things heat up behind her.

In Kimmikka’s video, fans are quick to notice random (yes, right) reflections in the mirror, and you can vaguely see her starting a…interesting storyline with another person. Or considered to be the beginning of the plot.

After the incident, she was banned from Twitch and the video went viral.

But 7 days later, Kimmikka is finally back on Twitch for more…reality? .

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