Full video: Leak Video of Ardhito Pramono Spread on Social Media

INILAHKORAN, Bandung – Video syur allegedly belonging to musician Ardhito Pramono was spread on social media.

In the exciting video spread on social media, the figure of the man in the video is suspected to be Ardhito Pramono.

The video, which lasts a few minutes, shows a man suspected of being Ardhito Pramono engaging in sexual activity.

The bespectacled man who was suspected to be Ardhito was seen talking to someone using English.

It is possible that the exciting video was a video call made by a man suspected of being Ardhito with someone.

The exciting video allegedly by Ardhito Pramono immediately spread on social media.

In fact, the name Ardhito Pramono has become a trending topic on Twitter.

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