Full Video link 30 seconds of Aryadha and Sri TKI no censor

Video link 30 seconds of Aryadha and Sri TKI no censorship. A video of a nasty action entitled ‘Aryudha and Sri TKI Taiwan’ is viral on social media. The 30-second video shows indecent acts between a man and a woman.
Initially, the video of the nasty action was first shared by the Tiktok account @Aryudha13jawa. The account shares content that smells of adult videos.

In the video of the nasty action they show scenes of bodily interactions like husband and wife.
Worse yet, they carried out the lewd act again after uploading it to social media Tiktok. The 30-second video suddenly circulated widely on Twitter. It is not yet known what the motive of the perpetrator was for sharing the 30-second indecent video. in the Tiktok search, the video ranks first in the search for ‘Aryudha and Sri TKI Taiwan’ with a duration of 30 seconds.

Netizens are busy sharing a new video entitled ‘Aryudha and Sri TKI Taiwan’
Coming from various sources before, ‘Aryudha and Sri TKI Taiwan’ used to go viral because they got tens of millions in prizes from TKI activists in Taiwan because of the bucin video.

But, now both of them are going viral after uploading a 30-second video together displaying inappropriate content.

Reported from Nada Ternate entitled “Excellent 30-second video of Aryudha and Sri TKI Taiwan, the actor apologizes”

At that time, the actor in the viral video of Aryudha of Taiwanese TKI apologized to the public for committing a careless act.


“I, as Aryauda Jawa, apologize for my bad behavior and apologize profusely,” he said.

“For my son who is in Jakarta, and my mother in the village, I apologize for my impoliteness on social media. I became not repeat it again, “he continued.


Aryudha admitted that the viral video started from pain because her boyfriend, Sri ., was still breaking up with him
Angry and furious, in the end Aryudha uploaded the indecent scene on the WhatsApp story until it later spread to social media into a viral video.

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