Full video link: Watch OJ Simpson Video – OJ Simpson Bed Video Explained

A viral video purporting to level out O.J. Simpson shirtless in mattress whereas being woken up by a gaggle of ladies has gone viral.

On Monday morning, a video of former NFL working once more O.J. Simpson went viral on social media.

Andrew Silverman, the president of Icon Public sale and Events, posted the video to his TikTok account.

The position of the group hangout, along with the identification of the viral video’s creator, are unknown.

Simpson has not however responded to the footage.

On social media, a video that appears to level out Simpson in mattress being woken up by a gaggle of 20-something girls is trending.

Nicole Brown Simpson and her pal, Ron Goldman, have been notably accused of murdering her.

In in all probability probably the most well-known trials in historic previous, Simpson was acquitted of all charges.

“Let’s wake up OJ at 1am,” reads the crimson lettering above the video.

“Let’s go!” someone could possibly be heard shouting inside the background.

“It’s party time in the house!” exclaimed a gaggle of young women gathered in a kitchen, guffawing on their telephones.

“Wakey wakey!” screamed a blonde shut by as Simpson sat on the sting of the mattress in a pair of darkish shorts and white socks.

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