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Yesu_x video and photos went viral on social media like Twitter and Reddit.Yesu_x video viral on webpage. In this article we are going to inform you that who is Yesu_x ? And why she is viral on social media.

Many things trend on Twitter and different people have different opinions regarding those trending things.

However, sometimes, there are things that fall out of the community guidelines and still trend on Twitter, which mostly contain adult content and videos.

While such videos are not kept on the platform for a long time because of the violation of guidelines that specifically call out for not adult content, people still manage to keep it around.

One such user is Yesu_x who is actively posting adult content and videos on Twitter.

Who Is Yesu_x On Twitter?

As mentioned, Yesu_x is an anonymous user on Twitter who posts adult and 18+ content which does not follow the guidelines of Twitter.

Also, as already mentioned, Yesu_x gets removed from Twitter time and again but it does not look like anything is stopping the user.

Yesu_x On Reddit And Instagram

Well, Yesu_x is not on Reddit with his personal handle, but there are many sources subreddits that are currently discussing the Twitter user.

Also, neither is there any official account of Yesu_x on Instagram which could possibly reveal his identity to the public.

While there are not even any minor details about the user on Instagram, there are hundreds of people talking about Yesu_x on Reddit.

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