Full Video: Trans Comedian Jordan Gray Strips Naked full video leaked

Jordan Gray just stripped naked mid-song on Friday Night Live to show off her magnificent b***bs and equally magnificent member, with which she played the keyboard as she brought her set to a close and the entire house down.

Harry Potter actor Jason Issacs also enjoyed the stunt and called for Jordan to run for Prime Minister. A comedian just got naked on Friday Night Live and viewers can’t get over it Friday Night Live was always cutting comedy with some close-to-the bone scenes, but old-school comedians Julian Clary and Ben Elton left the shock moment of the evening to musician-turned-comedian.

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Jordan Gray Strips Naked video explain

Jordan Gray, who whipped her dress off at the end of her act and danced around the stage completely naked. After performing her comedy set and taking to the stage to sing a tune, transgender performer Jordan surprised everyone by taking off her dress and jumping around the stage.Many viewers took to Twitter to air their surprise, but for those familiar with her live act, Is It a Bird, it wasn’t so much of a shock. Jordan Gray first shot to fame on The Voice in 2016 as the first transgender contestant on the show.

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