Full video: Watch Another Babychar17 Ankha Full Video And Twitter Reaction Explained On Memes

Ankha trend is not going to stop easily cause Babychar17 is back with another video.

The cartoon character Ankha have blew up the various social media platforms after Zone released a video of the Egyptian cat’s content.

Now, if you have thought that’s the end of the misuse of 80s song ‘Camel by Camel’ in any forms, you are wrong.

Babychar17 Real Name And Social Media Details

Babychar17’s real name is Charlotte Grey.

She is active on various social media platforms besides Twitter.

Her 2 Instagram account has seen near 50k followers combined. Besides, she could also be followed on , PocketStars, Fansly, and Admire me.

Watch Video here

Babychar17 Ankha Video Twitter Reaction

The twitter world reacted quickly after Babychar17 went online.

The netizens could not hold back their thoughts on the video as the tweet has seen over 1300 replies.

Most of the users have slammed the creator for ruining the trend.

Although, ‘Camel by Camel’ had been recreated by Zone to upload an Ankha video and Tik-Tockers still enjoying the song and making their own, Babychar17’s video has gained a lot of backlashes for ruining the trend.

Babychar17 Ankha Full Video

Babychar17 has topped if not leveled the Ankha video.

She followed the trend Ankha video started and tried to follow the steps Egyptian cat had done in the video.

Posting the video on her Twitter account, she captioned that she is not trying to ruin the trend again but she thinks she have ruined the trend.

She wanted her followers to know what they are in for as the young adult creator had done the same with Buss It challenge.

While the original Ankha video had the cartoon character dancing in the 80s classic, you can see Babychar17 copying the steps of the Egyptian cat.

In her follow-up tweet about the video she posted, the content creator revealed that she found hard to stay on beat.The video has been viewed over 800k times as of now and counting. She can be found on Twitter under her username @Babychar17.

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