Full Video: Watch Ashley Esselborn Video As It Goes Trending On Twitter

Ashley Esselborn appeared and made a shocking revelation that is gaining a lot of attention these days.

As a result, she came forward in court and admitted that she had made at least $8,000 from posting video and photos on her single account.

At the time, she had a sizable following, and as a result of their content subscription, she had been making a lot of money.

Ashley Esselborn is a YouTubers, trainers, content creators, and well-known public figures are among the content creators who have joined this platform.

As we’ve already mentioned, a large number of people have been employed in the entertainment sector because they needed to pay their bills during the long economic downturn when content was provided.

Ashley Esselborn is only 21 years old and recently requested that the Texas judge reduce her bail from $100,000 (€80,000).

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In this Twitter Trending Video The Texas judge has denied her application for lower bail. It wasn’t clear if she took part in the beat down or was merely an enthusiastic cheerleader.

Esselborn confessed to cops that she was present when the went down and played a role in discarding the evidence. Collier told investigators that the ingenue did not take part in the death itself.

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