Full Video: Watch Christelle Gambela video leaked on twitter, Photos on reddit and telegram

The gospel music industry is once again hit by a sx scandal. Buckle up, we tell you everything.

After Michel Bakenda de Penielle, it is the turn of Christelle Gambela. A video of the latter’s alleged humiliation has circulated online.

However, the young woman released her single “Yaya Yesu” 3 years ago and currently has 56,000 views on Youtube.

Christelle Gambela case, that these “gospel” musicians do not think that because of them we are going to deviate from the path of salvation, let us pray to God through Jesus Christ, the remains are like all of us, because what I feel is done on purpose.

The authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through the Ministry of National Economy, have decided to reduce the prices of certain food and air tickets. The announcement was made last weekend by government spokesman Patrick Muyaya in his report to the last Council of Ministers.

According to some Congolese vendors our reporter met at the Gambela market, a commercial square in the town of Kasa Vubu in Kinshasa, the decision is good news.

Nevertheless, these Congolese say they want to see these promises kept, and if we are to believe the government spokesman, he will make sure that a box of horse mackerel from 42 dollars goes down to 17 dollars, and that a box of chicken of 10 kg cost 28 dollars, now on sale at 10 dollars. .

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