Full video: Watch Dubahub Viral Video on Twitter, Who is this guy?

Dubahub is someone who was shown in a video riding a skateboard, taken from the back of a moving public transport bus while talking on the phone.

Authorities have not identified the Dubahub man in the video, but are already searching for him:

The city authorities of Medellín, Antioquia, are searching for the person who was shown in a video riding a skateboard, taken from the back of a moving public transport bus while talking on the phone. It happened in the neighborhood of Santo Domingo in the capital of Antioquia, on a road that seems to be a steep slope, which increases the risks of the act of this person, for whom at least three subpoenas will be imposed.

The video goes viral on social networks and has generated all kinds of comments, some of laughter and derision, accompanied by memes, others of indignation because they not only endangered their lives and integrity but also endangered the lives of other actors on the road. ..

The video went viral on social networks and led to different reactions. These are the plans to do in Medellin during Christmas. And the administration of Medellín has shared a diverse cultural agenda, for the enjoyment of total coexistence, for the residents of the city as well as for the visitors who will approach the capital, Antioquia, in order to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the year.

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Thus, among the activities planned by the district are the usual parade of myths and legends, Christmas lighting, eight band competition, middle dance, festivals with different musical touches, and private meetings, among others.

Eternal Spring estimates that between December and January more than 250,000 commuters will arrive in the city, which is 28% more than calculated in the previous year. According to the calculations of the Medellín Tourism Intelligence System, hotel occupancy in December will be more than 80%, exceeding that recorded in previous years.


“It is a time that spontaneously stimulates smiles, dreams, and reflections, and it is an opportunity to stimulate the economy and generate income for the various sectors of the city,” the administration explained.

Among the plans to visit and live in Medellín during the December holidays is to light up the city:

Part of this experience will take place on December 7, during the celebration of the “Day of the Little Candles” when Medellin will be lit up with the splendor and creativity of the “Christmas lighting”.

Among the themes of this year will be the unveiling of the magic of the film Encanto, by Walt Disney Animation Studios, as a focus to highlight the dynamic of the family and the talent and abilities of the Colombian. In addition, it will be sought, with illumination, to get to know Colombia from its history, architecture, clothing, customs, food, and biodiversity, among other characteristics.

The administration has indicated that this year the Medellin River will be the main focus of the illumination, which can be enjoyed on a walkable path, between the San Juan and Guayaquil bridges. Likewise, other lanes of the city will be expanded such as: Parque Norte, Avenida Las Palmas, Carrera 70, and the Central District of the Oriental up to the Pablo Topón Uribe Theater, and the Five Districts.

On the other hand, the Mayor’s Office has prepared a diverse agenda so that local residents and visitors can enjoy the cultural show from December 1, in different spaces of the commune. With the aim of families being the real protagonists of these meetings and sharing between communities.

All the programs of the different activities and meeting points will be published on the official events page of the Secretariat for Citizen Culture, which will inform the details of it and will be replicated on the social networks of Nos Mueve la Cultura.

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