Gajendra happy to see Reema and Aditi in different form

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th March 2022 written update full episode: Gajendra happy to see Reema and Aditi in a different form: Here we are with the written episode update of Sasural Simar Ka 2, of  11 March 2022. The episode begins with, a most amazing twist that Gajendra responds to Sandhya, and she is so amazed that he has been responded to her. Later she use to ask him whether he is reminded about the precious money or not. But Gajendra is still so confused and he isn’t even ready to accept anything. Sandhya has tears in her eyes. Whereas other family members are on a great response. Follow More Update On

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sandhya is forcing him and making pressure on his mind, then Gajendra calls Simar. After which Simar and Arav take him to room for some rest. Later they try to make him remember his best and favorite movie by acting some scenes of this movie in front of him and they also applied some of the posters in front of him. But still, it is difficult for him to be reminded of anything this early or easily. Aditi si there in the dress-up like JyaaPrada as she is his favorite actress. But he is still so confused and under pressure. Arav and Simar are in the hope but when they realize that he isn’t having anything.

Later you will also witness that Chitra and Griraj both of them are so happy as they are so sure that Gajendra’s memory isn’t going to be back this easily. On the other side, Simar is trying to say some of the favorite dialogues of his favorite movie. Gajendra is trying his best but things aren’t this much easy for him. Arav is also played some hit scenes and dished out his favorite movie.

On the other side, we will also see that Baddi Maa goes to the doctor for he consultation. Then he tells her, “let the family members make their efforts the way they are doing as this will bring a positive response for you all. But other than this I will also try my best to bring back his memory.”

Later there will be one more most interesting twist in tonight’s episode, as there will be Jaya Pardha in tonight’s episode and she will be going to hit the floor. Simar will also be going to be whirl with her. And he might be going to be a member of some things you guys night be going to see some positive response from Gajndras’s side and the episode will end here.


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