Gajendra Points Gun At Aditi

So far the show, Sasural Simar Ka 2, has turned amazing because in the previous episode we watched that Aditi is found pregnant and it has created a buzz in the house and mainly Sandhya and Simar. However, Simar is taking the side of Aditi while Sandhya is forcing her to abort the child because it is now defaming the entire family and as she has started a new life with Mayank so she has to abort the child, on the other side Simar is saying that she will not let anything happen wrong with Aditi.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Written Episode 19th Feb 2022: Gajendra Points Gun At Aditi

So, the latest episode begins with, Raj saying that they have to stop the shit that has spread so far because now people are talking about them and they have become the hot potato and it is all just because of Aditi’s trowel. He then asks why everyone is keeping silent even they know that now time will make the worst circumstances. Chitra then says that Raj is saying right because now people will talk and raise the question about her pregnancy. He then looks at Gajendra and says that they have to kill the man because they can’t let him go after defaming their reputation.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Written Episode Update

Aarav yells at him asking if he is in his senses or not because whatever he is saying is senseless and not a solution, Vivaan there says Bhai is right because they should sort things out instead of creating more problems because these kinds of actions can make the situation even more complicate. Meanwhile, Gajendra, as usual, takes his gun out and says that Raj is right “I have to kill the man who has ruined our values in society. Aarav then goes in front of him and asks “what are saying, Papa?”.

Gajendra says that both of them have ruined our dignity and now both of them have to die. Aarav requests and says that they can’t make another mistake by taking this decision. Gajendra does not care about Aarav and his words and points the gun towards Aditi saying “this girl has to die, she did not care about our dignity and respect in our society, how can she be alive more”. He says everyone to move aside and he will pull the trigger on the count of 3. He starts counting and the episode ends here to stay tuned with us to get more latest updates on SSK2.

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