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Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Live Stream and Date Countdown For Banners


Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Live Stream and Date Countdown For Banners: The most awaited Genshin Impact update 2.3 Livestream date is almost near and the preview will share information on the game new banners featuring Gorou and Arataki Itto. MiHoYo’s free-to-play is one of the most famous games available at this time and it even made more money in the year 2020 than and any other title. This is due to its character event wishes having extremely been fantastic since day one of its launch in late of the year 2019. Whilst 2.2 has been a bit disappointed with two comebacks, the next patch will add 2 new playable heroes instead of just 1. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Live Stream and Date

Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Live Stream and Date

The usual countdowns indicate that the beginning date for the Genshin Impact for the Genshin Impact update 2.3 live streams is Friday/Saturday, 12th/13th November 2021. MiHoYo has not confirmed that the above date-aside from 2.2 with its concert every special program preview has occurred on Friday two weeks prior to the release of the next version. This means 12th/13th November is when miHoYo’s preview should be telecast.

When Is The Livestream Of The Genshin Impact Update 2.3?

As for how to watch, the viewers will be able to catch the event live on Twitch. MiHoYo will then post the video to Youtube. We will update this blog when the Chinese developer will make their official confirmation.

Genshin Impact Update 2.3 New Banners

The release date for the first version 2.3 banner will be on Wednesday, 24th November 2021 with the second arriving on Sunday, 14th December 2021. One of the banners will feature Arataki Itto as a 5-stars hero, in the meantime, the other is rumored to be an Albedo rerun. Gorou is another new character that will portray but Honey Hunter World has him listed as a four-star bow wielder.

Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Release Date

The release date of MiHoYo for Genshun Impact update 2.3 is on Wednesday, 24th November 2021. Hu Tao’s rerun, Moment of Bloom, concluded on Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 and new versions always begin on a Wednesday. Each character event wish then last 3 weeks individually. So long as this status quo is maintained, the Chinese developer will then bring in the New Year with version 2.4 on 5th January.

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