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Gerald Habershaw death – Obituary, cause of death


Gerald Habershaw dead and Obituary – cause of death – Pilgrim High School principal’s fate uncertain

After a period of distance learning and the Thanksgiving holiday, the students of Pilgrimage High School will return to school next week-but the future of their principal is not that simple.

Assistant principal Pamela Bernardi was appointed as the acting principal because the school district was investigating compliance with mask requirements at the school’s homecoming ball on November 6.

In addition to this change, the identity of Friday’s school principal, Gerald Habershaw, is unknown.

The outbreak of COVID cases in the school community and many online discussions about wearing masks lagged behind the late autumn party.

Warwick School Committee Chairman Judith L. Cobden said on Friday that she could not state whether Habershaw was given administrative leave, but the school district’s agreement allowed paid leave during the investigation. She said it was “common”.

“This has been turned upside down,” Cobden said, adding that the school committee did not discuss any disciplinary actions against Habershaw, including dismissal or suspension.

“Everyone wants children to have a normal high school experience,” Cobden said. “We want everything to return to normal. But unfortunately, we must create a new normal. Whether you agree with this or not, we have guidelines that must be followed. They are not just from the governor. We must be careful for the children. “

The video shot at the back-to-school dance shows that Principal Habershaw and a large number of students did not wear masks.

In the school district buildings in Rhode Island, students, faculty and staff must wear masks.

Cobden said the ball was held in an outdoor tent, but the video showed that the tent had walls, which raised questions about proper ventilation.

In a statement earlier this week, Cobden said the Warwick School Supt. Lynn Dambruch will report the results of the district investigation to the committee.

“…So far,” she said, “no manager or employee has been disciplined, suspended or fired by the superintendent or the school committee because of the pilgrims’ return to school dance.”

It was clear on Friday that many parents have united to support Habershaw’s cause.

Erin Ferrazzo’s son studied at Pilgrim and initiated a petition on Change.org. By Friday afternoon, it had collected nearly 5,000 signatures.

“As we stand together to support an amazing teacher, principal and cheerleader for our children, let us return his job to Habershaw,” it said.

Ferrazzo said she had proposed the language of the petition before Cobden’s statement and the school district’s comments on Bernardi’s redistribution.

Spokesperson Joseph Wendelken said that at the same time, in the past 7 days, the State Department of Health has counted 20 to 24 new cases among pilgrim students and 5 to 9 new cases among faculty and staff. Case.

He said that about half of the infected students attended the dance party.

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