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Gertrude Pressburger Austrian Holocaust Survivor Cause Of Death, Dies at 94


A name that was in history since 1950 has left the world today and her death has been shaken by so many people and as her name is grabbing the headlines you can assume that how famous she was. Yes, we are talking about the Austrian Holocaust survivor. Gertrude Pressburger died on Friday 31st December 2021 after a long illness. You must be curious to know about her life because it is being searched that why she was so famous.

Gertrude Pressburger

The lady or better say the Holocaust survivor Gertrude Pressburger who got immense popularity during Austria’s 2016 presidential campaign with a video note where she warned of hatred spread by the far-right. Mrs. Gertrude died at the age of 94. Her death news was confirmed by her family that told APA (Austrian Press Agency) on Saturday 1st Jan 2022. The President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen took his Twitter where he wrote “the death of Gertrude Pressburger fills me with deep sadness… He even said that her death is a big loss, no doubt it is an end of a complete era of courage, because she was the one who told people about the Holocaust and even she brought confidence in people, and she was the one who had guts to speak of truth.

Gertrude Pressburger Dies

Born on July 11th, 1927 Vienna, Austria Gertrude Pressburger belong to a middle-class family who got affected by the Holocaust. Her family was converted from Judaism into Roman Catholicism in the early 1930 thinking that it would help them to live but it was not the exact solution that should be there. Their decision was a bad one because the family of 5 members did not save them. However, the story of her life was enough thing to talk about because the circumstances she had been through with her family was a thing that people even hardly think about.

She got the name and fame of Frau Gertrude when she dropped a video note where she warned against exclusion and hatred in the 2016 presidential election in Austria. No doubt her work for the nation will not let people forget her and she was the one who will remain alive always in the heart of the people of the nation. Undoubtedly her soul will rest in heaven, our deepest condolences are with her family and everyone who used to love her.

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