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Glenn Keeney is dead, American martial arts pioneer, instructor and promoter – Obituary


American martial arts pioneer, instructor and promoter Glenn Keeney has passed away. #martialarts #Karate #kickboxing #Indiana #PKC #sensei #BreakingNews

In 1957, as he could not find a local martial arts school for training, he hitchhiked 115 miles from Anderson to the nearest karate school (taekwondo dojo) in Cincinnati, Ohio. He later found a school in Indianapolis, but the school closed the same year as the school started.

After meeting Larry Picker in Anderson in 1964, Gini began to study Okinawa’s rigid and flexible flow. Pickel, the black belt under Miyari Hide, studied in Okinawa during the US Marine Corps. Keeney followed Pickel to study until 1967, when the top three students Jerry Brown, Glenn Keeney and Larry Davenport had the opportunity to buy the school. By 1969, Gini became the sole owner of Komaki College, and he operated it until 2005. Brown and Davenport spent many years in this school.

Bill Wallace, who later became the World Middleweight Champion of the Professional Karate Association, was studying at Ball State University. Although he chose not to use the Goju Ryu system, Wallace and Keeney played against each other several days a week, and participated in more than 200 games together over the next 5 years. Bill Wallace owes much of his sparring skills to these early training sessions with Glenn Keeney.

Glenn Keeney (Glenn Keeney) was an active player from 1967-1975 and participated in more than 300 games. [5] Glenn defeated many of the best fighters in the country, such as Bill Wallace, Artis Simmons, Walter Born, Johnny Castaldo, Woodrow Fairbanks , Parker Shelton, Ken Knudsen, Flam Evans. [6][7][8][9][10] As a member of the 1971/1972 USKA World Championship team, he participated in two Good Will Tours touring Europe and Asia. 1971-72 The team remained unbeaten for two years. [11][12] In 2012, he was selected as “Madison County 100 Greatest Athletes”.

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