Grace Tame Bong Picture Goes Viral On Social Media

PHOTOS: Grace Tame Bong Picture Goes Viral On Social Media: An old picture of Grace Tame sitting on a couch with a large bong has reappeared just as the Australian of the Year was extremely criticized by the wife of the Prime Minister for having poor manners. In the year 2014 Instagram photo, a 19-year-old Ms. Tame is watched sitting on a lounge with a friend, smiling with her eyes closed as she plays on her cell phone. 2021 Australian of the Year comes up to be carrying a bong- a water pipe used for smoking cannabis-upright her left foot. Ms. Tame attended the post with a green plant symbol, she was sitting next to a man who was rolling a cigarette with the green substance expanded on a vinyl record. Follow More Update On

Grace Tame Bong Picture

Grace Tame Bong Picture

The photo from the youth of Ms. Tame was captured upon by her critics on Monday who discovered it concealed in her Instagram feed. One person posted next to the 8-year-old photo “Australian of the year?” The post was swiftly taken down by Tame used the bong only that it was sat on the couch in front of her in the post. The se*ual abuse survivor and the Tasmanian activist has been continuously been in the news headlines over the past week, after completing her term as Australian of the Year and delivering a stimulating speech at the National Press Club.

On Sunday night, on 60 minutes, Jenny the wife of Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered her opinion on Ms. Tame’s now popular ‘side eye’ when greeting them at a morning tea at The Lodge prior to Australia Day. Ms. Tame (27-years-old) was watched giving Mr Morrison a less than friendly handshake with a smirk on her face prior to throwing him an icy sideways glance.

Mrs. Morrison stated, “I just discovered a little bit disappointing, as we were welcoming her in our house. I just wish the aim had been on all the stunning people coming in. I respect people that want to change things, stand up for their beliefs, and are strong, but I still think there are respect and manners.” She was asked whether she wanted her daughters to look up to straightforward attorneys such as Ms. Tame. Mrs. Morrison replied that “I want my daughters to grow up to be strong, independent, amazing, and fierce people and I think they can still do that and show kindness to other people and be polite and have manners.”


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