Home Death And Obituary Greg Robinson coach Obituary, Longtime NFL defensive coordinator dies at 70

Greg Robinson coach Obituary, Longtime NFL defensive coordinator dies at 70


Greg Robinson was a long-term coach who won two Super Bowl rings as a defensive coordinator in the 1990s. He has passed away at the age of 70.

Robinson served as the head coach of Syracuse University for four seasons. His son Dominic told Syracuse.com that his father died of Alzheimer’s disease.

Robinson has served on multiple coaching staff, but the most memorable is his six years as the Broncos defensive coordinator from 1995 to 2000. The Broncos won the Super Bowl after the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

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Robinson also served as the defensive coordinator for the Jets in 1994 and as the defensive coordinator for the Chiefs from 2001 to 2003. He later served as defensive coordinator at Texas, Michigan and San Jose State University.

After the Broncos hired Mike Shanahan as their new head coach in 1995, he decided to bring Robinson onto the team to lead the Denver defense, focusing on food delivery and creating pressure.

“We will put pressure on the quarterback,” Robinson said. “We will cause trouble for the quarterback. It’s just a question of how we will do it.”

As the team took shape in 1996, Robinson’s defense was the same. The team ranks first in rushing defense, fourth in total defense, seventh in scoring defense, and fourth in interception. It also entered the top ten of the sacks, which will be the standard that the team will meet in every remaining season in Denver.

The following season, with the Denver team participating in the Super Bowl for the first time, Denver’s defense was once again daunting, earning the fifth least points. These include a lockout and three games with only three points allowed-one against the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs.

On their way to the Super Bowl XXXII victory, the Broncos’ offensive scores were below the top 10 average this season, including 10 points in the fifth-ranked offense against the Arrows against the Chiefs.

In 1998, the Broncos won the championship for the second time in a row with historic offense and excellent defense. In Denver’s three playoff games, Robinson’s group performed well again. The defense allowed Dan Marino to score only three points; the fifth-ranked Jets had only 10 offensive points; and the fourth-ranked Falcons had only 13 offensive points.

“We also have a lot of excellent defensive players,” Robinson said after winning the championship back-to-back. “I am proud of the way they played last month. They have made a lot of progress.

“This is a great player. They have a good plan, trust me.”

After his time in Denver, Robinson spent three seasons with the Chiefs in the NFL before returning to college level. He was the defensive coordinator for the 2004 Rose Bowl championship team in Texas, served as head coach in Syracuse in 2005-08, and then spent time at Michigan, Texas, and San Jose State. , And then retired in 2015.

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